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I'm midnightsteel from Livejournal, and I'm still pondering what to do with this journal (which I made for the sake of following Warcraft Sues, because where would I be without snark). I think I'll keep it wholly fandom-related, as my LJ faithfully hosts all my emotional baggage already. Yeah. That's a good idea. Maybe I can have some tag consistency this time around too. Yeah. Also a good idea.

Thus I name this the time when I make All the Tags.

And give some sort of indication about who I am.

You can call me whatever you like, from Sidian to Sausage Factory. I am a cis-gendered pansexual woman in my early twenties, and I am British. Sometimes I am a patriot and sometimes I am not, because yay Britain (pies, buses, misery as amusement) and also boo Britain (empire, 'real British', class). Such uncertainty pleases me, because I am also a writer and writers profit off conflict and confusion.

I used to be a console gamer until Warcraft occurred, and rendered me eternally dissatisfied with single player titles. I am mostly a tank but really I play everything, because I have altitis and too much time on my hands. My character list is here at my new blog that will probably not last long. When battle tags happen I will update this to include them, because they are everything I wanted from RealID without the horror of my full name. Because yes, I am the idiot who registered her account under her full name, and blights her friends' screens with All The Letters

Mostly I love chatting but I am also shy (an unfortunate combination), so while I try to cover up the shyness with enthusiasm I may occasionally not reply for a while. You can safely assume that is my irrational fear of ??? rising up and striking me in the face, because anyone who actually applies their foot to their mouth will be treated to lots of text, not silence.

Is that reassuring? I am not very good at this.

In fact, I think I am done introducing myself. I think the content of the journal will do the rest.

...And don't mind the layout. I imagine it will suck royally for at least a month, while I puzzle out a design and then make it work.


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